Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Duncan stalked Groene home for days

"During six weeks on the run with an 8-year-old girl, convicted sex offender Joseph Edward Duncan told his young prey that he had driven around her neighborhood looking for children, according to court documents released Tuesday.
And when he found Shasta Groene playing in a bathing suit with her 9-year-old brother, Dylan, the documents say, he stalked their home for days, using night-vision goggles to learn its layout before bursting in, subduing their family with a shotgun and a hammer, and abducting the siblings."

See the full story - LINK

Thanks to Mom Wood for the heads up


Anonymous said...

this particular pgp encrypted bit shows that it was from someone named "Nomen Nescio"

From: Nomen Nescio (nob...@dizum.com) - Find messages by this author
Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2005 02:40:02 +0100 (CET)
Local: Mon,Mar 7 2005 8:40 pm
Subject: 5dca564f8f333babb65fd9e4bba7074830764555a97cfd8a

i looked up dizum.com and saw this huge picture of a white and orange cat - (duncan's cat? or just random coincidence?)

it turns out to be a page that enables you to leave anonymous e-mails.

i clicked on R R P R O X Y D B which led me to this page - is that a picture of duncan in the banner - superimposed over the maps?

i dunno, this whole thing is maddening. i think the authorities have way more then enough to make sure duncan does not get off scott free. i just hope that someone finds those journals and is able to decipher them to help potentially solve other cases.

Anonymous said...

there is a very very disturbing image in this list of images for the dizum.com site


it is titled... DIZUM-BKG.jpg

Anonymous said...

yeah. i give up. i'm too sensitive to be seeing that kind of garbage. i'm all about freedom, but damn there is some real sickos out there online. - it just seems to get even more sordid and creepy the deeper you dig.


Anonymous said...

When I read his last entry on the fifthnail, it is eery to think that, very likely, he'd already scoped out the Groene family (according to what he told Shasta). It changes the psychology of it a bit. He was ready to pounce. I lived in that area until recently, and it gives me a sick feeling in my stomach. Could he have been writing in his blog while sitting at the cyber cafe? the library? Or college?