Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Duncan had a relationship with a married woman.

Information I hadn't seen before...thought it was pertinent.

After spending nearly half his life in prison — he was 17 when he was arrested in 1980 and subsequently convicted — Duncan was released on parole in 1994. The documents detail a slow spiral out of control over the three years he was out of prison.
He went from being called a "very pleasant, bright, verbal, open young man" who had "done a lot of work on himself" to being described by his community corrections officer as a liar given to rationalizations and "distorted thinking" that made it impossible for him to accept treatment, according to the documents.
During that time, he smoked marijuana, handled a gun in violation of his parole, became sexually involved with his male community sponsor and had a relationship with a married woman who was "helping him explore his feminine side by helping him with transsexual fantasies." That woman had two young children with whom Duncan apparently was left alone, in violation of the conditions of his parole, according to the documents.

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