Friday, July 15, 2005

Duncan buys Night Vision Goggles at Wal-Mart

Fargo police said a receipt shows Duncan bought the goggles at a local Wal-Mart on April 13.

See: Murder suspect bought goggles at Fargo store

Credit: Mom Wood

Police: Duncan busy before trip
On April 13, one week before he went missing, Duncan went to Wal-Mart in Fargo and bought night-vision goggles, a pocket-sized camcorder and a radar detector, according to a receipt obtained by police.
The receipt, which totaled $731.99, also listed a car battery and a pack of tapes for the camcorder. A subpoena of Duncan's bank records by Detroit Lakes, Minn., police uncovered the personal check that connected Duncan to the purchase.The week after the Wal-Mart purchases, Duncan had his last contact with a pre-trial probation officer. Duncan was supposed to keep at least weekly phone contact with the officer.


"Weiner" said...

Cellar: you are my hero. Sincerely. thank-you. Why you are doing this is your business. I read, yet find it so hurtful. It makes me cry. We in Washington State have had more than our share of serial, psychopaths.. prop spelled wrong. For some reason, there has been 1 degree of separation between me, Ted Bundy, Fred Coe, Robert Yates, please continue to inform people about the spider web these people like in. Too, hopefully, people will realize that crappy parents often create these monsters. Why is THAT so hard for people to GET! I am just heartbroken. What Shasta must have experienced, should never been seen with the eyes of a child. WHY did he spare her? It must have been to help himself. I don't believe he cared about her. Thank you. You are an angel. We need to know why. "Weiner"

Anonymous said...

He bought his GPS finder on April 3rd, according to his last post at the geocaching site. He definetly was planning something.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all that you have done....I am grateful to see that you are keeping this monster and what he has done out in the media so we can piece together the timelines for the sake of locating any other possible victims... Thank you again...:)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've wondered about that geocache thing. It seems logical to me that the Duncan clan are his brothers and sisters. Somewhere it stated that there were 6 brothers and sisters, but he was closer to his "step family" than his own. . . making sense that the

The six are;

Susan of Enid, OK.
Cheri of Centerville, GA.
Teena of Poulsbo, WA.
Jet of Fargo, ND.
Bruce of Puyallup, WA.
Jason of Tacoma, WA.

And, if you look at the geocache, a person by the name of Spyder S. Byte actually placed the "toy" by starting it in Washington. Maybe Spyder is one of the brothers? Just a guess. I also noticed after signing up for geocaching (which I don't know what in the hell it is all about anyway, sounds pretty stupid to me!!!!!!!) that they lest Jet63d as being a "banned" member. I am asuming thta is after all of this and no prior to? Anyway, it is just another part of the mystery. I do know that if I were his sibling, I wouldn't want anyone to know it! But then again, from his Thanksgiving film, they pretty much seemed all lovey dovey, including the CHILDREN. so who knows?

Anonymous said...

Spyder S. Byte left his caches at Western State Hospital. His nickname for those drops is "Crazy Spyder" and "Crazy Spyder 2".

Guess who spent 22 months in sexual predator treatment at Western State?

Denise said...


LarryJK said...

There is a "Spiddy" who signed Duncans' guestbook on 3.1.01 and left a website addy.

Mickey Rat said...

Killer find on the Spyder guy being a sex offender...could strengthen the concensus that there's a, well...we know...

What is the guy's name? Can you get a link for confirmation?
I would like to post this.

JoJoFox said...

This post is about Night Goggles...
See anything that looks like night goggles and home invasion ?

take a look at these pictures from PANDA CONSPIRACY
scroll to June 11,2004
Wild goggles..huh?

And Jet was raving about this Site .
He said he had met the owner...a guy named Jerry

Anonymous said...

Spyder 2 info on where he put the cache near Western State Hospital. Looks like it was near an abandoned portion of the hospital in the Fort Steilacoom park. Don't know that this confirms anything, when you click on the map it will give you a close up of the area.

Anonymous said...

Western State is where Duncan underwent treatment for sexual predators, before he was kicked out for being untreatable.

Anonymous said...

Kind of wierd that one of the geocachers had to release a live spider from Spyder's cache. What kind of person would seal a live animal in a cache container?

Anonymous said...

Duncan was aware of, and involved with the Duncan Warrior travel bug. He obviously had been watching the log posts, and posted there himself. With which aquaintence of his, would he share the humor of cache placements at Western State Hospital. Hard to believe the place holds fond memories for him. I don't imagine that experimental sexual predator treatment program would bring much pleasure to someone who saw/sees no harm in their tastes and actions.

Anonymous said...

I am spyder,

Geo Caching is a game and that is all it is. its so people like you can get up from there computers and go discover the world outside ther frount doors with there families and do a activity together.

I/we grew up around this park. I started the cach years ago. this cach has nothing to do with Jet, exept on xmas 2003 he asked me to launch the travel bug for him, so I did.

Ther for I am guilty of doing a favor for my brother,

Drop it and go do something with your family