Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Deep in My Dungeon

This is the image of a poem Duncan had on one of his websites (H.A.R.D. Corps Justice). He may not be the only person in the world to have used these lines on their website, but he certainly is the most horrific. Especially given what we now know about his practice of making videos of his victims. Their fear.

I worship your fear.

I don't for one minute think this is the first time he has committed a heinous crime and made a video of it. He allegedly did it to a 6-year-old boy in Minnesota last year. Who else? Did he "capture" this fear to worship in private? Or did he share it with his friends? Maybe he sold them...

I worship your fear.

Has any of it been uploaded to the internet? If so, I hope it is found, and soon. Who knows how many unsolved murders and molestations might be solved if Duncan's cache of videos is found? One thing is certain: he had plenty of time to remove them from his home, if they were ever stored there.


Speaking of storage and cellars... Duncan claimed to have been using his employer's basement for storage in
January, 2004. He wrote, "
I got my bedroom cleaned up and brought home some boxes from work yesterday so I could take some more computer stuff over there where I am storing it in the basement until I can get a bigger place and set up a little electronic shop to work on antiquated electronic stuff as a hobby."


Anonymous said...

"...with a longstanding history of sexually deviant behavior and sexual excitement he associates with aggression and violence."



Mike Schuler said...

I'm wondering if an average citizen who is websleuthing would get in big trouble for finding child porn while looking for Duncan's videos?

Pete Townsend of the rock band The Who was arrested for this very thing. He said he was doing research, and he probably was, but he was still arrested.

Anonymous said...

The only place I've found that quotation from Hard Corps Justice is at


Capt. Fantastic said...

I wonder, too. I mean, in trouble for just finding it? Not if they immediately informed someone about the discovery, I would hope! Finding it isn't the same as purchasing it, possessing it or distributing it.

Pete Townshend actually purchased subscriptions and material with his credit cards, right? His "research" had been going on for quite some time, too.

Capt. Fantastic said...

Yeah, I saw that MARTA bus page too. Looks like a pub crawl schedule when you click on the image.

The owner is somewhat of a squatter- buying up domains & reselling them.

Anonymous said...


Has the following:

Also when things get really rough and your about to
have a moment, repeat the support group's recitation till it passes.
Deep in my dungeon
I welcome you here
Deep in my dungeon
I worship your fear
Deep in my dungeon
I dwell.
I do not know
if I wish you well.
Then load your semi-automatic and go out there and greet your

..but it was posted back in June of '96

Capt. Fantastic said...

Right, the use is totally different there. I also found a B&D couple's site that had the verse on it- again, context.

Thanks, Anon! If you come up with anything else, you know what to do.

Angie said...

Good question Hammerized. I would imagine if you didn't save any child pornography you might happen upon to your hard drive, you couldn't. As a protective measure, if you did stumble on something unrelated to your Duncan research, I would clear out your computers internet cache file.

Angie said...

opps. that was directed to Mike.

Anonymous said...

Notice how he talks about the police stopping by in his second blog entry about "packing computer stuff up for storage?"

He segues into this recollection from a note he found while packing stuff up... the note details the police stopping by to ask him about an harrassment complaint of women in town.

I wonder if his note was with other things from that date (10/3/2003)that he was putting in storage.


Anonymous said...

So Captain Fantastic, do you happen to know the origin of the 'dungeon' text? That was actualy what I was trying to find in my searches.

It's interesting how few hits I'm getting when searching for it...It's so easy to find out you're dealing with Woyzeck just by searching on "verlangen tun kann," but this dungeon thing seems known yet obscure. I'd be intested in knowing how Duncan came across it if anyone finds out.

by the way, I've been to that Hard Corps Justice site several times but haven't seen that Dungeon thing. Was there a link to it, or is it just a picture he uploaded?

Anonymous said...

To anonymous above

It's the 'prison' link in the left-hand frame

Capt. Fantastic said...

Anon: "So Captain Fantastic, do you happen to know the origin of the 'dungeon' text? That was actualy what I was trying to find in my searches."

No, I got sidetracked off in other directions :) If you want to look for it, try profusion.com instead of google. Search for one of the lines as a phrase.

You can also check these poetry searches:


Anonymous said...

Anyone beside me notice all the scientology babble on the links to the hard corps justice sites. It looks to me like he is just linking off that page, but it is primarily to scientology created sites. Read the small print at the bottoms of the pages. We all know from Tommy that scientologists do not believe in psychiatric care.

emcate said...

I was wondering if maybe they are song lyrics?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip on profusion.

Anonymous said...

You've got to think that the FBI would be all over any kiddie stuff related to this case. I wouldn't think it would be worth the risk of breaking the law to duplicate their efforts along that path. Duncan in drag is stomache-churning enough. Would you really want to sift through a bunch of kiddie porn on the off chance of finding something related to this guy?

Anonymous said...

Duncan with no education, no work track record and 2 years at NDSU plus level 3 sex offender.....gets a JOB
with IVIE In Moorhead. Why?
Why would they risk hiring someone who isnt qualified and has a 20 year prison stay for molesting kids?
Who is IVIE? I would think the FBI is on them asking lots of questions.
Remember too when Duncan got out of prison in 1997,he went to KC. Same place IVIE sent him when he was employed?(Duncan in 1997 when out also went to San Francisco to meeta "friend" Dr Wacko who was on vacation there from his position as a primary critical care doctor at Meritcare hospital in Fargo.Did Meritcare really check out Dr Wacko as its obvious he was a bi sexual man and his wife knew it. so did he do naughty things at Meritcare? what does the records sow? Why did Dr Wacko abruptly leave Fargo after 13 years in 03? Was it because Duncan told him him od the DL incident anbd others? I would guess yes.
Back to Ivie, why would a mployer allow him to bring his personal stuff in boxes to their cellar? Very unusual and weird.
I wuld guess duncan was wa ahead of everyone and would post lots of lies and misleading stuff , The key is the FBI must get his prize, the encyrpted blog, that a expert must open...there lies the truth and remember Duncan wants to be famous 50 years from now and that blog is his key to that .

This is so weird...Dr Wacko...Ivie...Joe Crary..
local business men involved with him.Why? therehas to be a drug ring and a sex ofender ring onnected somehow?

Capt. Fantastic said...

People, it's INVIE Consulting, not IVIE :) http://www.4invie.com/

Taken down recently, BTW. But you can see what it looked like via archive.org.

-"Why did Dr Wacko abruptly leave Fargo after 13 years in 03? Was it because Duncan told him him od the DL incident anbd others? I would guess yes."-

I think Wacksman left Fargo because of the front page spread linking him to Duncan. His photo and info was in the article. I don't think it had anything to do with what he knew about Duncan, because he continued to allow Duncan to visit him and his family in NPR, Florida.

-"I wuld guess duncan was wa ahead of everyone and would post lots of lies and misleading stuff , The key is the FBI must get his prize, the encyrpted blog, that a expert must open...there lies the truth and remember Duncan wants to be famous 50 years from now and that blog is his key to that ."-

Seriously tweaked, he was. I wouldn't put it past him to have posted red herrings at all. I can almost hear the Walter Mitty "ta-pok-ita-pok-ita-pok-ita" when reading some of his blog entries.

I think he wanted it to *look* like a personal journal full of secrets by writing several times (paraphrased) "No one else is going to read this."

It was all another Jazzi Jet scheme, I'm sure. All Duncan knew was manipulation- I don't think anything he did or said didn't have a serious dose of manipulation in it.

Great comments, please keep the "blue-sky" thought process going.

emcate said...

Dear Anonymous,

I agree with you. It all seems very suspect to me.

Anonymous said...


Really long link....deceased Joseph Duncans.

Anyone have a middle name or initial?

Anonymous said...

His middle intial should be E for Edward because he is Joseph Edward Duncan II as Jet is the third.

Hope this helps

Anonymous said...

Wacky is the key here. He brought JET to Fargo. They visited all the time.Had sex as Wacky was bi.For that Wackoff took care of Jet and gave him money.
Wacko left Fargo in June 03
right after Jet molested DL boys. Maybe Geraldo can get to New port Richey and
interview the weird doctor?
Did Wacko know Crary?

2)Who was Jets landords?Is his apartment still empty?
I drove by and into alley of Jets pad and at least 7 other c ars did same..its vecoming the place to see in Fargo. I think he buried
some stuff in back?

3) Who is Invie? How many employees?>Who is boss?
How many cities did they send Jet?

4) does Joe Crary think that his tiny statement in the forum is all he has to say or give?Many more answers must come from him.
Who is Joe Crary? His background?

just heard Geraldo is going to be on Hot Talk Wday radio Friday9-11 am
and talk about JET.

Anonymous said...

Must we call the killer. Jet as if he was some sort of star?
How about SCUM instead?

Also, why has no one dug up background on Joe Crary?
He is one of the top 5 names that caused him to go free thus SCUM was having fun molesting many times and killing four times.....


Wacksman is biggest player and nows the most and must be bi sexual.

crary, befriends a con man and gives him the $15k to flee? Thats very very strange.

schroeder, go caught with
making huge mistakes and obviously very lazy and frred a level three sex offender on a puny $15k.
He must pay for this severely...will he?

slater, assumed and said too much good about a man he really didnt know or did he?

? a mystery man, yet to be identified?

Anonymous said...

How about Invie and the boss as well?

Anonymous said...

Invie probably was introduced to Duncan through the school's IT program. It's not unusual for a local IT services company to recruit part-time talent from a nearby university; a prof notices good work in an area, a company calls and asks if he knows anyone who would be interested in working a project, he says yeah, I have this one guy, mature, quiet, hard worker... From everything that's said about Duncan, he was a shrewd manipulator and chameleon - highly adaptive to survive in whatever environment he found himself. Invie consulting found a talented, hard-working, mature programmer and hired him. Sounds like Chad Invie gave Duncan a chance, Duncan played Good Joe, then the Boogie Man jumped out of the closet and the resulting notoriety has got to be hurting Invie's business.

Anonymous said...

What s the deal on Crary?

Anonymous said...

So Slater, the professor
was "conned" big time By
Duncan? And that led to Invie hiring him? Why doesnt Invie release what cities they sent him to?
Silence causes suspicion.
i.e...crary....dont tell me he was "conned" too?

Anonymous said...

What makes a child sex offender? They are the worst kind of human being.
You just don't ever attack, molest a innocent child. This upsets GOD more than any other crime there is. This also upsets society more than any other. So much so that they are pushing hard for Jessica's law....do it once and 25 years, do it twice, its life.
Yet "it" seems to go on more and more everyday.
Is the "urge" that great, that they realy don't care what happens to their life?
Is sex that great?

And,are the parents the real problem here?
There are a lot of real bad parents espicially
"dad's". Why is that?
I wonder how many dad's come home stoned, drunk, high and sexually abuse their child that no one knows about, not even good ol mom?
So how do we stop this sick son of a bitch?
For some weird reason, Dad abuses his child and gets caught, its all over for that marriage. But the child never forgets and is ruined for life. So why does that child when they becaome adults usually end up beinga child sex offender? Is it rage? You would think that person would do the opposite and guard against and never ever molest a child ever?
Where is Duncan's dad?He molested him as a child. So why doesn't someone arrest Duncan's dad? Send a message to all of the worthless Dad's out there to think twice?
There are so many worthless dad's out there.
Usually jobless,boozer, drug user,divorced, has a slut girl friend. hangs out in strange places...that piece of shit
is one of the biggest offenders and he does not care what happen's to him, correct?
And there are many "con" dads...good job, seeming happy, sucessful but silently abusing and no one knows. Scary stuff.
This person leads two lives,Jeckel and Hyde like.
And he will surprise you if you find out. He could be the mayor, a city councilman, a businessman, a teacher etc...they are all over and we don't know it.
Duncan, Dahmer etc are ideal like young men with a charm and good looks and a real innocent personality
they smile and chat with you and you walk away saying,"he sure is a nice guy". How do you stop these people?

I would think Jessica's law is a huge start. But lawmaker's,Governor's must get real serous and priortize this and pass it now in 2005..no more delay's and bullshit.
I don't know...I'm thinking out loud and wondering why?who? when? how?

Anonymous said...

I would like to write Duncan a clever letter and see if he will respond.
Work on his ego, tell him his pal's are being visited by the fbi, his crypted blog is being opened and they are suspectng him of other unsolved cases out there.

But how does one write to him? In what jail in Idaho?

Anonymous said...

GERaldo today said on WDAY
Duncan is a serial killer. Has killed others that havent been discovered yet.

Used sex to get favors, money etc.

Says Wacksman and Crary are gay.

Thinks Schroeder screwed up bigtime in releasing
Duncan and he knows it.

The FBI and others are on
all of this and more surprises will be coming out daily.

Anonymous said...

To the letter-writer: He's in the Kootenai County jail.
5500 North Government Way
Coeur D Alene, ID 83815