Monday, July 11, 2005

Challenge to my readers...

We have found 3 videos. Reality, Imagine, & Thanksgiving 2002.
Duncan seemed to be quite handy with a camera and video editing software.
He must have more videos on the net...maybe part of his "encrypted journal".
I challenge anyone who reads this to find more of his videos and e-mail me or post a comment here. Make them public one way or another.

In a search conducted Aug. 20, 2004, police said, they confiscated more than 40 items, including seven cameras and video tapes, DVDs, CDs and floppy disks. (who has 7 cameras?!?!)

"According to my Quicken entries that was the day that I went to watch a couple of my co-workers jump out of an airplane (tandem jumps). I had purchased a package of depends (adult diapers) as a joke, and some 8mm tapes for my camcorder that morning."

"He also is accused of molesting a 6-year-old boy near a Detroit Lakes middle school in July 2004. In that case, he was accused of approaching two young boys with a video camera at a playground, pulling down the shorts of one of the boys and touching him."


Anonymous said...

Remember in his blog where he was listing all of the items that he bought that day but couldn't find the receipt? He bought an 8mm tape that day....I'm thinking he needed it to record that days crime that he was trying to cover up with the blog entry.
And what's up with the memory loss? Is he trying to convey that he may have a split personality and therefor can't be held responsible for his actions? It will be interesting to see if he tries to use this theory in court.

Mickey Rat said...

Please keep this one particular area open for comments on leads for new videos ...
I may set up a forum for everyone for general use.
Thanks for visiting "our" blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, are you the FBI?

Anonymous said...

why are you so defensive? got something hidding up your sleeve?

Anonymous said...

Nope, I just think that people should post where they want..last time I checked, this blog was open to everyone. See, unlike most of you, I actually talk to someone on a daily basis who REALLY IS investigating this case, so I know the truth about a lot of the stuff that you all keep guessing at and over analizing. So you see, the first post that I left was a clue to anyone interested. You'd be amazed at what information I know and you never will. But hey, ya'll just keep going around in circles trying to figure out the mind of a mad man!:-)

Anonymous said...

The video tape recordings were his trophy. Videos were encrypted and hidden on a remote server. Didn't want to keep those files on his local drive.
The unusually large grocery shopping was to tide him over while he spent the weekend with his victim.
The adult diapers were for himself, because he had a problem with wetting himself when he got excited.

Jet's web communications are like an onion - peel away the layers to get at the core, and it's enough to make you want to cry. But not for him, as he would want you to.

Top layer: School & work. Class schedule, karate club, resume...

Next layer: Family pages. KinKitchen.

Another layer closer to the true Joe, still crafted and revised to elicit a desired response: FifthNail blog.

There is another site which, if it turns out not to have been written by him, certainly provides a good insight into his thoughts, perceptions and tastes once much filler is stripped away. Frankly, there is too much "coincidental" information including date/location to convince me that it is not Jet, and possibly a contrived attempt to exhibit multiple personalities.

JoJoFox said...

Hey, Nasty Poster...Go mess up the FBI's files or your "source" who is "really" investigating (ooo, I'm impressed ...)...See how much they appreciate it...and leave our well organized meager little blog site alone. Thank You.

We are amateur sleuths apologies will be made for that. And please do not condescend amongst those of us who have assisted in solving past crimes and cases and did so volunteering our time and skills with no acclaim needed...stick around and you will be surprised at what you will see in THE CELLAR on Monday and in the ASSOCIATED PRESS on Tuesday....God Bless our organized Blog site....Go on Mickey, you just be your bossy ol' self ! This Blog is 'all dat !
I like it here.