Thursday, July 14, 2005

Camcorder Used To Document Abuse

"The items include a GPS unit that tied him to the remote camping spot, McKenzie's wallet and a camcorder used by Duncan to film himself abusing Dylan and Shasta Groene during their weeks of captivity in the Lolo National Forest. Source say Duncan also used the camcorder to film what appear to be several attempts to kill the children. Each time, however, some gesture or action by the children would stop him. In one apparent attempt to slay Dylan, the boy — who was bound and gagged and unable to wiggle little more than his hands — flashed the "I love you" sign to his sister."

LINK TO REST OF STORY -- Also mentions Steve Huff in this story...Way to go, Steve.

TAKE NOTE: We know about the time he killed Dylan now---around June 25-26, 2005
"About a week after Dylan's death, Duncan drove Shasta Groene to a brightly lit Denny's restaurant in Coeur d'Alene at about 2 o'clock in the morning of July 2, where he took a seat and waited calmly to be arrested."

Dylan killed with a shotgun
One of those missing children, 9-year-old Dylan Groene, was later killed with a shotgun (a fourth murder charge is likely to be filed in federal court) and his body burned in a remote part of a Montana forest late June.


Anonymous said...

is it possible that he may have been recording his crimes as a gift for one of his "friends"? After seeing the pictures that he sent to Big Al, I'm beginning to wonder what else he sends to "cheer his friends up", as he put it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a pic of his camcorder?

From another message board... maybe his profile?

Yay google

Ronda said...

i doubt this is duncans doing, i went to the address

and it shows the camera, then i took out everything and left

and it shows this guys website, and if you click on About me you will get to this page

look on the bottoms this guys email address is

Mickey Rat said...

OK...this sounds like a long shot right?
Well I have really been troubled by the fact there appears to be 2 fifthnails....really odd choice for an identity...this guys name is Nathan right....(I was hoping someone else would see this because I feel warped even bringing it up)

Look closely at that picture:
There just so happens to be a "nail" there.
There's also a fliptop phone-we know Jet had one because he talked about monitoring his house with one.
The spookiest thing is this:
look below the phone and under the nail---looks like it says "by Joe"
There are more things, but I will leave them to you.
This is one heck of a coincidence :)

Ronda said...

i know thats the first thing i saw was that big ol nail. i was like wtf?

Anonymous said...

I noticed the names James and Juliana on the bottom of the page. What was his neighbor lady name? Does these people play a role in his life like a friend, work buddy, classmate..victum?

Anonymous said...

There's also a "Jet" on these pages, linking from one page to another. Too much of a coincidence, has to be him.

Anonymous said...

in his flipbook on this link there is an image of rainbow bright made on photoshop I assume. On a link I followed earlier for it showed all of Duncans entries and the rainbow bright one is his

Anonymous said...

scratch that last post. at worth1000 the users name was also possibly still two people out there using that id.

Anonymous said...

Do we ever sleep? LOL

Ronda said...


Mickey Rat said...

They are devoted... said... is not Jet.
I emailed a few days ago, and asked him if he ever leased the domain name, (before Jet leased it).
There was no reply.

The name of Jet's neighbor (taking care of his cats) is Joni Buzick.

This guy is just trying to fix his camera. It's not unusual to use a nail as a tool to push a pin or pick at something. Maybe this guys tools were limited.

This guy even once had a website with (defunct) prodigy and his account name was nail.

Weird, but it aint Jet.

Anonymous said...

>is it possible that he may have >been recording his crimes as a >gift for one of his "friends"? >After seeing the pictures that he >sent to Big Al, I'm beginning to >wonder what else he sends >to "cheer his friends up", as he >put it.

Possibly. Possibly. Maybe it was for the two people he mentioned in his April 24th, 2005 entry:

"Only two people in the world have a clue as to the power and nature of my demons (besides me)..."

Maybe the other two people he mentions have similar demons. Unfortunately, it's not clear to whom he's referring and whether they are in- or outside of prison.