Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Becker County bail policy changes

Maybe they heard me, maybe they were ahead of me, either way it's good news. Even if it 's too late. (Of course, Duncan could have called Crary from jail to bail him out...).
Becker County has awaken. Other court systems MUST take notice and be accountable.

When Joseph Duncan III posted $15,000 bail on April 5, it was Becker County (Minn.) District Court policy to accept personal checks without calling the bank to make sure they were good.
Court Administrator Janice Cossette said that changed in mid-April, when she learned of the practice and instituted a new policy of accepting only cash or cashier's checks...

They mention that his check was good, but in actuality, it wasn't at the time he wrote it. What would have happened if Crary hadn't covered him?


Anonymous said...

Why would a court accept a check for that amount of money and not verify the funds are available before he even stepped out the door? It's just too bad that something like this has to happen in order to change policies and procedures.

Anonymous said...

a better question is why would someone befriend a known level 3 sex offender that is being charged with molesting a 6 year old. Let alone why would this person "loan" him 15,000 dollars.

Given Shasta's statements that as far as she knew, Dylan was left alive at the campsite in Mt and that Duncan had GPS equipment - It should be checked whether Crary can account for his whereabouts and if he has GPS equipment. It just seems more likely that Crary offered Duncan the money to find him a little boy and leave him in the woods for him. Why else were Dylans remains so far gone that they had to be sent to the FBI labs to even tell they were from a little boy. Could it be that some one(s) was/were trying to hide their own DNA that they left. Maybe Crary or Wacksman? hmmmm something to think about.