Monday, July 18, 2005

The Baton Has Been Passed

Hello, fellow sleuthers!

I am taking over the blog from Mickey. Thanks, Mickey, for all the hard work and soul-sucking sleuthing you have done to make this site a success.

I would ask you all to please use the new e-mail address for off-blog comments and correspondence in the future:

Like many of you, I work, I have a family, I have prior engagements and social comittments. So I ask that you please be patient while this site undergoes its exchange.

We are all here for one reason: to discuss bringing the swift jaws of justice down hard upon the gutless puke(s) who performed these heinous, disgusting acts upon the Groene family. This includes discussion about the alleged perpetrator's criminal history, life, hobbies, contacts, motivation, and anything he (they) may have done/said/participated in that could possibly relate to his (their) alleged crimes.

This site is getting an amazing number of hits; I have to believe there are others out there with more information/tips/clues. To all newcomers: The forum is the place to be. Don't be shy, jump on in. We'd like to hear your comments!

To the old-timers: Again, please be patient. The previous owner/mods had a lot on their plates. While I do, too, I still want to be orderly and structured about this. Your e-mails and comments will be addressed. Above all: Have at it.

Capt. Fantastic


Anonymous said...

are you hammerized? What happened to hammerized?

Anonymous said...

Why is Mickey Rat gone?

Anonymous said...

Hi, This is Hammerized.

I'm still here, reading and submitting info like most of you are :)

Mickey had to let this go because of the time involved, but he is still around like I am. It would be too much for me to do by myself, too, so I can understand.

Cap Fantastic is now running the show.

Anonymous said...

dig up all you can on joe crary

Anonymous said...

also JET was working Ivie in Moorhead and sent him places to clients and shows
like KC..they must supply to all of us..what cities he was in and dates...
why is IVIE not saying a word same with dr Wacko and Joe Crazy?Are they both gay? Remember JET was raped steady by male in mates for 15 years.
we think JET is a serial killer and many more bodies will be found

Anonymous said...

Duncan stored some images on the archive which he used on his online resume. There are 30K images on that archive. Since Duncan was into digital images, is anyone checking the archive for more of his images?

Anonymous said...

Would someone please explain how as a convicted felon he was able to acquired a shotgun?

Anonymous said...

Felons tend to steal things, eh?

Anonymous said...

who knows maybe one of his boyfriends loaned him a gun for protection, when he is camping and stuff

JoJoFox said...

Jet's job with Ivie was not a full 8 hrs /day...he was a full time student so he could not work full time. I am sure he would have mentioned some of the trips in his Blog (if he hadmade some)as that was where he was attempting to appear so "respectable"to the world.He would have wanted to brag about his employer giving him such responsibility. Nothing was ever mentioned . Ivie did make a statement in a newspaper article which stated that Jet was an exemplary employee.
Do you have proof of his travelling on Work business? Can you tell nme your resource so I can research it ?

Anonymous said...

read all articles in forum, they got the story that in 2003, he go a job
with ivie and cut way back on classes including important week long semesters as per his professor slater.
Ivie sent him to KC missouri...and other cities
why do they refuse to tell the media anything more?
i say that kc wk end he killed and molester another
and threw the body remains in the river.....fbi is now also investigating that story as i has emerged that chiild has been missing since than.
dont ever think this serial killer wacko was normal, he never was...also in 2003
photos on the cellar blog show him dressed as a transvetite.....and maybe crary, wacksman and others played that game with him where they screwed his ass?

Anonymous said...

how often did duncan have sex in 2005, 2004, 2003 in Fargo? were wacksman, crary, other fargo people involved? a ring?