Sunday, July 10, 2005

87565, A zip code? Probably a long shot, but...

(I am leaving this post even though I have determined the number is 287565...see next post)
At first glance it looks like a zip I looked it up. San Jose, NM. Does Duncan have connections with New Mexico? Possibly...probably a long shot...but this is what I found.
Remember the "Thanksgiving at Jens" video? Jennifer is his neice. I have found their website and will not make it public out of respect for them (can't choose your relatives). He mentions in his blog that Thanksgiving is in Kansas City, MS. Jen and her husband are in the Air Force and currently stationed in Japan. But on her husband's page he notes the following:
Lackland AFB, TX <-Basic Training (I wanna go back!)

Keelser AFB, MS <- Techschool (Glad to be out of that place!)
Holloman AFB, NM <-1st Station, NM sucks but the people I worked with were awesome
Misawa AB, Japan <-Currently stuck here

He entered the Air Force in 2001 so it is very possible that in 2002 they were living in New Mexico. (Having been in the Air Force myself, I know that my Basic Training and Tech School Combined was only 7-8 months long.) Did Duncan cover up his whereabouts by mentioning Kansas City on the Jet Gazette or is it a different Jen? I do have my doubts about NM only because he posted on the Jet Gazette where I am sure his family may have visited...wouldn't think he'd post a lie that his family would see and know was a lie, but who knows...
Above is a screenshot of their "Guestmap"... look at North Carolina...Guess who? Yep, Me. July 07, 2005 12:07:37 PM
Also a quick note: One of the commentors tried reversing the number to 56578. Zip Code for Rochert, MN - Spooky. Coincidence?

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Hey, you might be on to something. At first I dismissed the zipcode because it was in NM, but now you have a possible family link.

And I found this to make it even more intriguing:

a) Go to this guys website:

b) Now type in the number, 87565.

c) Look at it!!! It has the same formatting that Jet Duncan used!!

This guy at MIT updated this program in March 2004. I am thinking that the vertical displacements of Jet's 87565 may correspond to a zipcode algorithm that we are yet unaware of.
That is not far fetched. Jet Duncan is a near computer science graduate - lots of math and algorithm programming.

I do not want to give information about myself, but in Chinese culture writing a name or number in RED ink is bad luck and associated with death. I am referring to the what looks like a '2' written in RED ink. And then his possibly his name (uses Jet when he is evil and Joe when he is not as evil) written in BLACK ink.

"Numbers tell Tales" - why bother with all of the effort in this small area of the menu unless it means something to him, right? I will look for unsolved crimes in San Jose New Mexico during the years you posted his relatives stayed at the AFB.


Anonymous said...

I don't think it's New Mexico. The tape shows a relative taking the toddler outside and it looks more like a northern state ie winter jacket, leaves on ground. I think it probably was Kansas City. said...

I searched from 2000 to 2003 in database sites for missing children in New Mexico and unsolved homicides in NM involving children under the age of 12.
Perhaps he did not kill in NM.
I thought the zipcode thing was going somewhere again, but if no crime victims, then simply no crime.


Anonymous said...

Yeah but if you reverse the numbers it comes up as rochert MN, which is by Detroit Lakes. Cue twilight zone song. said...

Wow anonymous guy is right!! How do you like your coffee? :)

Coincidence? Unlikely. Jet put too much effort into this spot on his menu. Like BTK and Zodiac Killers, I think this is Jet's method of leaving a clue. Like "error404" said in another post, these freaks justify their actions because we do not have the ability to solve their crimes, even when he feels he is handing us a clue.

He "got even twice [and did not get caught]"!!! The little
RED '2'??? Signed Jet??? And the little superimposed eyes???

I am going with it. Rochert Minnesota. 56578. Even the same digits are vertically raised as in the Ben Fry ZipCode Program at

MickeyRat moderator point Steve Huff to these possible clues. Steve has a kind of skill for stuff like this.
"a beginners resource about Jet Duncan"


Anonymous said...

The picture at the site shows an alternate text over the eyes at the top of the picture box also. It reads, "Who is this?"

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what's with his left (from reader's view) eye. It almost looks like something geographic.

Anonymous said...

Oops I mean right.

Anonymous said...

looks like it could be a three also or a W.

Anonymous said...

I emailed the other side and Steve Huff about the reverse zip code being Rochert, MN...

but (and this is a longshot, but crossed my mind)...when I was searching for missing kids in Minnesota, the phone number is:
1-800-The Lost


Reverse 87565=56578

Beaner was '5' when she was taken.


I seriously doubt it, but it just crossed my mind. He seems to like these little games.

Anonymous said...

Could this be a picture of a victim? The top says "who is this"? Take another look
at the bottom image with the "numbers tell tales". Too me, it looks like it could be an actual picture (doctored with photoshop) of a murder victim. Maybe he superimposed the zip code over that.

Afterall, the two boys he attempted to molest said that he was trying to film them.

On another link to Jetgazette, he says "Hey, things aren't always what they seem"

Perhaps the numbers you found were the zip code where he killed this person. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Ok, another speculation. Like I said, it could be a Z, but it could also be a cursive L and if you blow up the eye at the top right it looks like a W. I know that Beaner was taken a year after the website was up but do we really know that the original page contained this or was added later? Again, this could all be nothing.

kane said...

I was thinking about these numbers this morning.....what if the numbers represent letters from the alphabet? Which would be "bhgefe". (2 being b, 8 being h, and so on)
Now what if these letter's make up a word that takes someone to the encrypted blogs that Jet was talking about?
Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Could these numbers represent the ages of children he has hurt or killed?
Just a thought...simpler than algorythm theories.... but maybe????

Anonymous said...

More food for thought. I messed around with the pic in photoshop too, and to me it almost looks like it completes an old fashioned printed lower-case A or "Jet @ 87565"? Flip the zip-code and it puts him in Becker County and on Height of Land Lake.

Anonymous said...

I typed in 287565 into Yahoo and the 4th thing to come up is an encrypted website. I seriously doubt it is his as if you click around on the page links.. some work.. others don't.. you can see this is a young person. However.. is it something to do with the encryption that brought that number to that sight? Here is the link.

Anonymous said...

This might be really far out there but hey so are some of these thoughts... If you look at the number in this it is the same now go look at what movie it is.

Anonymous said...

it was his prison #