Thursday, July 14, 2005


Polimom has made an excellent point...
I know the general concensus is that those numbers are Duncan's Prison numbers.
Kind of hard to track down...I have a Gazillion things I'm chasing down...but I have looked.
Anyway, the point she made is this:

Looking at how Big Al is referenced (by his inmate number), I recalled those mysterious numbers on the Jet Gazette image. Allen Parks' inmate number is 128561. I wonder whether there's a way to find out what Jet's inmate number was? 287565, if they issue the numbers sequentially, could be possible since they were assigned almost ten years apart.

To contact please write:
Mr. Allen Parks #128561MCC/Twin Rivers Unit
P.O. Box 888 (C-507)
Monroe, WA 98272


Anonymous said...

I know for the state of michigan there's an OTIS online criminal database, where you can look up a person's criminal history by name AND id number...maybe there's one for Idaho too

Anonymous said...

Alright, I think the dc number is a no go. I searched in every state he had an offense in and the numbers 287565 came up with nothing.

Anonymous said...

I came up with some interesting encryption versions using those numbers. Maybe it was to remind him of the software version he used.

I doubt 287565 is 'the' password to anything. One is usually asked to use 8-100 characters, mixing numbers, characters and symbols in the required manner.

Chances are high the encrypted web we are seeking is not on the web, but on ejectable media format.

Anonymous said...

Drop the 1s from Al's id # look at his mail box C507, drop the 0
it leaves