Saturday, July 09, 2005

20 (Scuba) Dives in the Summer of 2003

This is a quote from the Jet Gazette Dated October 20, 2003

Here are some cool pictures from my latest dive. And here are some even cooler pictures from Lake Superior. And you might have already seen these from Crosby. I managed to get in about 20 or so dives all total this summer. Next summer I'm heading for the sky, or rather the ground, now that I think about it, at about 120 miles an hour to be sure. That's right, I intend to become a licensed sky diver! Look for pictures here as soon as the weather turns nice next year.

It's a morbid thought, but as a scuba diver, I'm sure you can hide/dispose of bodies easily down there. Especially Crosby where he speaks of so many trees at the bottom...

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msbrooksie said...

This mans mind is scary and I know as anyone else who has a brain knows he has more victims out there. They just can not speak for him or herself.

It's amazing that a Level 3 Sex Offender can get on a plane and go to another state and no one is to know about it!