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The War Against NAMBLA

What you are about to witness is nothing short of a systematic dismantling of Nambla's entire organisation, one member at a time. -rikijo

"Oh... yes!" was my immediate reaction upon reading this today. Thanks to Steve Huff for notifying me of this brand-new blog by ├╝berhacker "rikijo" of AHM (that's alt.hackers.malicious) fame. Rikijo and his friends have used their elite skills in dogging NAMBLA via the internet for several years now. One may read through some of their past exploits via the AHM newsgroup.

The War Against Nambla blog is not a new concept for rikijo and his associates, but an old one which now rears its head with perfect timing. These guys aren't fooling around; this isn't a glib threat... This Declaration of War should not be taken lightly. And for those still in the dark- NAMBLA is an acronym for North American Man/Boy Love Association.

My first real knowledge of this organization occurred over ten years ago. I think it was John Walsh of America's Most Wanted fame that I saw on a television program back in 1993 or 1994 who railed against this group... Either way, on from there- via the internet, of course- I searched for and found little snips here and there on newsgroups and internet bulletin boards which bespoke of the coming evils of this group. These detracting posts were summarily shrugged off by some 'net denizens as the rantings of anti-gay, hyper-religious nut-jobs. Well... A couple years later, NAMBLA was all over the news in my part of the country.

Jeffrey Curley

October 1, 1997: A 10-year old Cambridge, Massachusetts boy named Jeffrey Curley was missing. Cute-as-a-button Jeffrey was last seen by his grandmother at her house on that afternoon when he gave his dog a bath, the local papers reported.

Enter Charles Jaynes and Salvatore Sicari. Two scumbags who evidently couldn't interest a grown woman with their nasty appendices and so preyed upon pre-pubescent boys for their sexual jollies. These sick freaks were in possession of NAMBLA "literature" when they accosted Jeffrey.

Earlier, they had allegedly stolen Jeffrey's bicycle- and so they created an opportunity for themselves to entice this young boy into their vehicle, a silver Cadillac, and their care- with the rosy promise and reward of a shiny new bike! Jeffrey willingly went along with them- as any 10-year old familiar with these two well-known "neighborhood guys" might do under the circumstances. Prior to this final "outing," Jeffrey had allegedly accompanied these scumbags out to neighborhood restaurants at meal times, and young Jeffrey was apparently allowed to "drive" the car during some of these jaunts.

Bad, bad thing. Jaynes and Sicari drove little Jeffrey to a local bicycle shop after showing him some "introductory" images of Man/Boy love pornography on a public library computer, then killed him inside their vehicle in the bike shop parking lot when Jeffrey wouldn't succumb to their sexual demands. A gasoline-soaked rag over his mouth and nose... a flabby, smelly, 250+ lbs to Jeffrey's 60 lbs? He had no chance.

Adding to the depravity of this horrendous crime is the evidence that at least one of these scumbags sexually violated Jeffrey's dead body within Jaynes' Manchester, NH apartment (not far from where I now reside) before the pair packed Jeffrey's body inside a Rubbermaid container with a hefty dose of Quik-Crete cement, secured the lid with duct tape, and dumped it into Maine's Great Works river. That's it, they couldn't get the Man/Boy "Love" from a live child- so they settled for the necrophiliac version? I guess this is an option. For some.

In case some of my readers have a smaller monitor than most: humor me for a sec. Scroll back up and look at Jeffrey's picture again. Remember that sweet face as you have Dylan Groene's. No, Jeffrey wasn't exactly national news like Dylan and Shasta are- but I hope you can now see how more than a decade of LEGALLY fighting this vile "organization" has not brought our proud, Constitutional Republic any closer to eradicating this disgusting draw for some of the "men" who currently walk among us.

As noted ACLU board member and ATAA attorney Harvey Silverglate says,"There is room in this country for people who believe that man-boy love is OK"

Deroy Murdock, National Review Online:

NAMBLA certainly has a First Amendment right to argue that America's laws should be changed to permit sexual relations between adult men and third-grade school boys. Most Americans would disagree vehemently, as well they should. That's called debate. It's the American way.
NAMBLA is "not just publishing material that says it's OK to have sex with children and advocating changing the law," says Larry Frisoli, a Cambridge attorney who is arguing the Curleys case in federal court. NAMBLA, he says, "is actively training their members how to rape children and get away with it. They distribute child pornography and trade live children among NAMBLA members with the purpose of having sex with them."

Frisoli cites a NAMBLA publication he calls "The Rape and Escape Manual." Its actual title is "The Survival Manual: The Man's Guide to Staying Alive in Man-Boy Sexual Relationships."

"Its chapters explain how to build relationships with children," Frisoli tells me. "How to gain the confidence of children's parents. Where to go to have sex with children so as not to get caught...There is advice, if one gets caught, on when to leave America and how to rip off credit card companies to get cash to finance your flight. It's pretty detailed."

"In his diary, Jaynes said he had reservations about having sex with children until he discovered NAMBLA," Frisoli continues. "It's in his diary in 1996, around the time he joined NAMBLA, one year before the death of Jeffrey Curley."

The practical, step-by-step advice Jaynes followed goes far beyond appeals to sway public opinion in favor of pedophilia. Such language aids and abets felonious conduct. If such conspiracy results in homicide, it is reasonable for NAMBLA to face civil liability if not criminal prosecution.
The ACLU's supporters should contemplate where this organization has placed itself vis-à-vis NAMBLA and the Boy Scouts. The ACLU seemingly believes that everyone deserves a lawyer, no matter how odious his case. Perhaps, although it would be nice to see NAMBLA siphon its own bank account rather than the ACLU's to justify its evil ways. The ACLU decides for itself where to devote its finite resources. Hence, its leaders freely chose to stand with cheerleaders for pederasty while torpedoing those who mentor rather than rape little boys.

Today's ACLU makes one wish it would find some whales to save.

Some of my favorite, older hacks on NAMBLA by rikijo and his friends are still available for viewing on the 'net, at least in a preserved form. One of my favorites dates back to April, 2000, wherein they "diverted" ownership of NAMBLA for a while: NAMBLA Hacked Hard. The epitath reads, in part:

Take the advice of the `New President` of NAMBLA..Find a New-Hobby..Get cured!...Leave Little Boys Alone.. Help create positive communities for which children can live-in without-fear and oppresion...As Hackers.. we are now exercising OUR- right to FREE-SPEECH..We will oppose ANY-Group...

..however-Large, who seek to condone the use of children and minors as partners in an Adult-based sexual-relationship..We "The Jedi Of ro0t!" find this activity un-acceptable..and will Speak-out AGAINST this behavior on behalf of those who may not have the resources, or the COURAGE to-do -so! ...The noise you hear is the `World Cheering`..We have given them a voice..they are saying .."it`s about-time.." We the Hackers "The Jedi of ro0t" will oppose any organization on the Internet, that seeks to promote sexual-relationships between grown ADULTS and children..We will EXPOZE JOO!
Sick individuals such as yourselves, don`t deserve sympathy..`Just a prison-cell`with someone Named "BUBBA"-BWAHAHAA!!

And if that's not enough snot-snorting fodder for you, this same hack ends with the following "contact" information:

The North American Man/Boy Love Association - WWW

I am ecstatic that rikijo and his group have raised the awareness of their longstanding "hobby" to a more public spectrum. Father of true crime bloggers Steve Huff first introduced rikijo to the true-crime-reading masses in this Dark Side entry from September 29th about pedophile Phil DiStasio (a.k.a. "Brother Pateticus"). And Steve's blog entry last night, Meet RikiJo and the Jedi Knights of Hacking, is an exceptional piece (what do you expect from Huff?) on pedophile vigilantism/internet sleuthing/hacking that is not to be missed. It begins,
Meet a hero.


Word, Steve. Like some, I frown upon the H word having been pasted upon sports figures, celebrities and the like for years. But these guys from AHM and their allies, who have collectively called themselves "The JEDI of ro0t" ? Yup. They should be celebrated for their "bold exploits," noted for their "nobility of purpose," "courageous action" and "special achievement in a particular field." Heh. Yes, they are heroes, and I salute them, support them, as they publicly declare War on NAMBLA.

Nods to:
Apartment 3D Blog- 4.27.05
Doug Giles, Townhall.com- 11.6.05

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Jet's Fargo, Part II- Joseph Duncan plays God: Life as Simulation

Many of us understand the fascination with "SIM" computer games. Some of us have played them, a few play them frequently- but all those familiar with the latest computer games likely comprehend the concept and the basic draw of these SIM games. Simulation as in "imitation" and "representation." Some find it interesting and fun to entertain themselves with these simulated environments, simulated people and all the baggage that goes with them, simulated cities, amusement parks... even simulated pets. Yet even those who really get into the Sim thing- those who play for hours and days- literally!- they still understand that they are playing a game- a simulation.

While those who play these games as entertainment undoubtledly draw upon their actual life experiences in the course of their ham-handed manipulations of these "computer people," (which they have created and whose lives they must sustain), and the situations and other variables which affect them- they do not confuse living, breathing, feeling humans for their binary counterparts.

Those who play these simulations, they do not go the other way; turn it all upside down and inside-out. Life imitating art aside, one cannot expect to project one's "God role" from a "Sim" program upon actual human beings. To do so would be... sociopathic, psychotic.

I suspect Joseph Duncan did not differentiate between real people and so-called SIM modules. Just, outright had no freaking clue about the living, breathing, feeling aspect of flesh-and-blood people. Yes, he was diagnosed as a sociopath, a sexual psychopath. So why does the following new revelation about him still surprise me?

I've written previously about my suspicions concerning his sociopathy as it relates to his command of computer software programming. The following insight from a Fargo, ND man who knew Joseph Duncan pretty well helps cast a more focused light upon Joseph Duncan's inner workings, at least from my lay person's point of view. I shall call this man "Erik" in this blog entry. I have had numerous e-mail exchanges and telephone conversations with Erik. He knew "Jet" very well. I have vetted this man and personally deem him a reliable source. As usual, readers shall continue to use their own judgement regarding the integrity of my "sources."

I asked Erik about Jet's programming ability, the nature and scope of his computer skill; what he told me was far more revealing than I had anticipated (emphasis mine):

Joe has a god complex. He was very excited about creating life through a computer program, true "artificial intelligence" and I was able to see his "simulation" run several times, but the people in his simulation, which were male and female and distinguished as colored dots, one was red the other blue and I can't remember which was what, would always die off naturally and the fact that he could not figure out why bothered him, a lot.

It's bad enough that we know what likely happened to these gorgeous, sweet, innocent children and their older brother, mother and mother's boyfriend, but to hear of some "SIM" program he created in which the "dying off" of colored dots merely representing human beings bothered him- a LOT??? Oh, hello! WTF???

Had Shasta, Dylan, Brenda, Slade and Mark merely represented red and blue "dots" to Joseph Duncan, would they have lived? Would he have had some consideration for them had they not expressed human feelings and reactions? This recent insight into this disgusting slug's workings makes me cry all over again. The months-long fight I've had with depression just took a major nosedive. How pathetic and twisted is this? It can't be this simple, can it? I am missing something here- actually missing a lot- I know it. But could it all be this simple? Most of what I have read about psychopaths like Joseph Duncan tell me that yes, it could be, disgustingly, this simple.

There's that Mask of Sanity again. Truly, this psychopath was "everyman" to every man. And at least one woman... Just your "average Joe," Ha ha ha! Trying a bit too hard to fit in, to be one of the guys... belaboring to all who would listen, or read his blog, the totally unfair persecution he suffered for that mere "indiscretion" as a teenager. Most of us have read his blog, where he identifies with the Jews who suffered some of the most horrifying torture and destruction known in history during the Third Reich.

Oh yes, poor Jet suffered unimaginable persecution, to hear him tell it. The "lady" doth protest too much, methinks (apologies to Bill & Gertie). It's quite common among sexual predators and pedophiles to spew this garbage at every turn. The internet has been a boon to that ilk; so easy to spread their filthy "philosophy" like Joseph Duncan did ad nauseum with his prolific internet postings on the subject (read one, you've read them all!) I hope everyone who knows about Joseph Duncan and what he wrote in his blog will never, ever forget this. Don't EVER forget what a seemingly charming, likeable, intelligent guy who made a "mistake" when he was younger, can, and likely WILL go on to do!

Erik recounted to me situations where "Jet" was around Erik's family members on social occasions, and the feelings he now has about this:

I think often about what could have happened to [my young nieces and nephews and their parents] and this is why I am feeling a lot of anger at myself for being conned by Jet and at Jet. Just because Shasta is somebody else's daughter and niece does not minimize what he did. I was praying about this the other night and the thought entered my mind that Satan has Jet in the palm of his hand, Jet let him in, but he is the one orchestrating the show.

These are the monsters we fear. And we accept them into our lives. They have "Happy Joe" faces and want to get along with everyone. They play with our kids. They bring us homemade cooking. They're just "getting their life back together and need a break" and we give them that break.

Is it worth it?

Just as a SIM game fan will "interact" with a simulated being- there is no "there" there. No soul. No conscience. No regrets. And no matter how much one would like to believe it, that just isn't going to change. No matter how witty, smart, likeable, nice, attractive the package. There can be no "reform" if there never was any form to begin with! 1's and 0's.

Trusting that one of these monsters is just like you and I (deep down, even), is like trusting a SIM with your life. Just smashing. What a clever, fun guy! Then some day [snap!] you find youself pleading, "Open the pod bay doors, Hal." And your formerly good buddy Hal says "I'm sorry, Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that... This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardise it."

That's the way I feel about giving sex offenders and predators any second chances. They have no conscience, and like a machine, will do what they will do- regardless of prior human interactions. Yet unlike a machine, there is always a warning. Sometimes it is sealed away in Juvie records, true, but it is there. Someone knows about it. And often that someone avoids the clear implications and overlooks this warning. When that someone is a doctor or even a group of doctors, funded even partially by taxpayers, that is inexcusable.

Erik also warns about the writings of his former friend:

Be very wary of the things that you read that Jet posted, in his blog or otherwise, the picture that you and everyone else that is reading what he posted is what Jet intended you to think after reading it, not what he actually had (has) in mind. He is very smart and he posted those things for a reason.

Most of us interested in this case have assumed this, yes, however it is worth noting that one who knew him well can say this. He goes on:

The stuff he did not want to be found is locked up on his hard drive and apparently even the government can't crack his password, but he was very open about other things. Why?

I'm sure we will never really know.

Suggested reading for my fellow laypersons:
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¤ Cleckley, Hervey, M.D. The Mask of Sanity, 5th Edition published for non-profit educational use, © Emily S. Cleckley, 1988
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Encyclopedia of Criminology and Deviant Behaviour, 1st Edition. Brunner-Routledge, November, 2000.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Saturday, November 12, 2005

Jet's Fargo

This entry will be the first in a series of entries concerning Joseph Duncan's life in Fargo, ND- as told by his friends and acquaintances from the Fargo area.

Fargo, ND: Late summer/early fall, 2000. "Jet" arrives in Fargo, registers with the Fargo police as a Level III Sex Offender, enrolls at North Dakota State University (NDSU), secures an apartment and a software programming job...

Imagine you are a 30-something, single, professional man in a city of 90K people (wait- is that really a city, or technically a town?). You meet a man through some friends, and become friendly with him. He wants you to call him "Jet."

So, you find that you and Jet have a few things in common: the people you know, the kind of work you do, your single status, your love of the outdoors- and you form a friendship. You don't know so much about Jet, yet he is amazingly up-front about his Sex Offender status right away... and since he is a great student at NDSU, apparently has a fine position at a local company, an intellect to match yours, along with a couple of powerful, well-respected friends from Fargo who you have heard of, and he is quite the likeable guy- well, hey!- you trust that he is on the up-and-up.

You and Jet go out about once a week- to the movies, local clubs, you shoot some pool together, attend some local events together. Do the double-dating thing. You meet his "powerful" friends on more than one occasion, and they seem smitten with him. Smart guys, by all accounts. Successful, too. They'd certainly be good judges of character.

As the friendship progresses, you take note of how vociferously Jet opposes the persecution of sex offenders. You note how he constantly complains of the police visits and checks upon him- when he "never does anything wrong. " But he does take satisfaction in "screwing" with the police chief on the chief's internet forum, claiming to use many aliases to "set him up." What fun!

He seems to be obsessed about being falsely accused and being sent back to prison. He is quite emphatic about this. You feel bad for him, begin to sympathize with him. He quotes the bible. You're a religious guy, and you can level with him on this. But... he doesn't have quite the interpretation of the bible that you do.

You note discrepancies in his tired monologue: when he openly speaks about his conviction for raping a boy at gunpoint, he also adds that he "would not hurt a fly." But what does that mean, really? Here and now? You do not know.


But you know enough to demur when Jet asks you to go camping with him. More than once. Something about him rippled through your soul and shook your 'nads, and you hedged on the invitation, then just said "nope, can't- sorry." More than once. And you wonder, now, if you'd have made it back from a camping trip with him. Or if you'd have been ambushed while you slept: bludgeoned, raped, mutilated, and your broken body left in a stand of trees for the hunters to discover the next fall... ?

Because everything you thought you knew about this man, this "Jet," is wrong. Yes, there were some quirky feelings about things he said and did, but what did they mean, at the time? You now wonder who accepted Jet's invitations to go camping when you refused. He so wanted company. Did he pick up a young man- a hitchhiker- at a rest stop, instead? You watched the beautiful skies on one of those dark nights and thought you'd probably be enjoying a better view if you had just gone camping with Jet...

You don't know what you were missing.

That night, as you watched the skies? There may have been a young man staring up at the same stars, eyes open wider than you can imagine- begging for his very life. At the hand of that nice, intelligent guy you thought you knew. You shook that hand soon after, too. And all of this makes you sick now.

Imagine that you were one of the last people to see him before he absconded soon after his April 5th court date for the molestation charges in Becker County, MN. He actually came to your home for dinner the following Friday- April 8th. He sat at your table and spewed about the "false accusation" and the unreliability of "that kid who only had MY picture to choose from!" (assuming a photo lineup?) and went on and on during dinner about how he was the victim here...

And he "bitched about the money for his lawyer and the check that would bounce," he acknowleged his friend "Joe" paid his bond of $15,000.00, his friend "Rich" lent him $7,000 for lawyer's fees- BUT he was not worried about paying any money back. Not worried at all about how he'd pay that money back...

Nothing you knew, up until July, 2005 made any sense. When he took off in April, just days after he had been at your house- well, he's just running from the Becker County molestation charges. "Joe," you knew, had been in contact with Jet a couple times by phone. And since "Joe" had a lot of money to lose, and seemed OK with things, well then- who were you to say otherwise?

Until you watched the news on July 2nd, 2005.

I thank Sean for sharing with me his personal recollections and experiences with Joseph Duncan.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Joseph Duncan's videos will not be copied

In today's hearing, the prosecution and defense agreed that the prosecution will not be making copies of Joseph Duncan's videos, as the prosecution does not plan to use them in the trial or penalty phase.

KXLY.com: Deal Reached In Duncan Tape Controversy

More video coverage with KXLY News4's Melissa Luck reporting here.

KTVB.com: Attorneys reach deal on Duncan videos

Attorneys on both sides of the Joseph Duncan kidnapping and murder case have struck a deal that will grant the defense team access to videotapes without copies being made.
In-Forum: Deal reached in Duncan tape controversy
"We worked out an agreement that if the defense wants an expert to look at the videos, we'll accommodate that by taking it to them," [Assistant Prosecutor Lansing Haynes] said.

The issue was unusual because Duncan is not charged in state court with any crimes against Shasta or her 9-year-old brother, Dylan, who presumably are on the videotapes. Dylan was slain and his remains were found at a campsite in Montana.

True Crime Blogroll

The Cellar has been added to a new blogroll for true trime blogs, created by Trench of The Trenchcoat Chronicles and News of Doom. Steve Huff of the Dark Side and Twilight Kingdom suggested a blog ring for our sites, and now it's here!

The True Crime Blogroll is now listed at the right margin here at the Cellar. Details on adding your true crime blog to the blogroll can be found here.

Thanks, Trench & Steve!

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Steve Huff on Rita Cosby 10/31- Scott Dyleski

Tonight, Steve Huff appeared on MSNBC's Rita Cosby Live & Direct to discuss new information concerning the suspect in the Pamela Vitale murder- Scott Dyleski.

Steve has been writing about this case on his Dark Side blog; so be sure to read his The Murder of Pamela Vitale Archives.

Steve was magnanimous in giving me credit for finding some new photos of Scott. And, as the URL for the Cellar was plastered across the images on the television screen, I am putting them up here. So... Welcome, Rita Cosby/MSNBC viewers!

Click images for a larger view.

Two of the above photos were deleted from the internet photo account after the Rita Cosby show. The LiveJournal account which hosts the other two is still online at this time.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Steve Huff's latest at Crime Library

The Religious Conversion of Joseph Edward Duncan III is the latest piece on Joseph Duncan at crimelibrary.com written by Dark Side blogger Steve Huff.

Did accused killer of the Groene family, Joseph Edward Duncan III, want to be arrested?

Steve's article offers that theory, a theory I've held since Joseph Duncan was arrested shortly after 2:00 a.m. in the Denny's restaurant in Shasta's hometown. I do see his action as a "test" of sorts, especially now that we know his friend, lover, and financial supporter Dr. Richard M. Wacksman "yelled at him for running from the law" in a phone call just several hours earlier.

Was Duncan playing a game when he took Shasta Groene to a restaurant 2 miles from the home where he'd allegedly abducted her and her brother months earlier, and murdered her family? Could his motive have simply been a thrill-seeking sexual psychopath's need to further escalate his own sense of power, of omnipotence?

Playing games against his "demons," perhaps. Simply bringing Shasta to the police and turning himself in wouldn't be a challenge, wouldn't be enough of a test of "God's will." Bringing her to a restaurant at 2:00 a.m. early on a Saturday morning after the bars closed would even the odds. If I am caught, then it was the right choice and God wins. Else, the demons have truly won.

If, then, else
. A basic statement of computer programming language. I suspect Joseph Duncan may have constructed much of his life like the software programs he wrote. I suspect he generally thought this way.

If he hadn't been caught, I think he would have accepted that as proof his demons won, and I do think he would have killed Shasta. He may even have eventually gone back to Fargo to face the child molestation charges from Becker County, MN, knowing that he wasn't suspected in this case. Another case of "getting even," with him alone holding his sick secret.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Steve Huff on Joseph Duncan

Fellow "True Crime" blogger and my mentor Steve Huff has a new piece at Court TV's Crimelibrary.com focusing on Joseph E. Duncan.

Steve made his Crime Library debut with his amazingly introspective and well-written chapters on Ben Fawley, the lead suspect in the murder of Virginia Commonwealth University freshman Taylor Behl. This ongoing Crimelibrary.com coverage by Steve is also not to be missed. Steve has a certain panache for writing about true crime- or just about anything, as far as I've seen... and while it is not likely that Cellar readers have not been to Steve's blogs, I'd like to point the rare reader who doesn't know about Steve to his main crime blog: The Dark Side.

Steve's recent piece concerning the crimes of Joseph E. Duncan exposes the essence of the foul crimes of this gutless puke and how he recorded them. It also raises some questions concerning a newly-released FBI bulletin regarding photos of three young boys:

The same day the court documents in question were unsealed, the FBI asked for assistance from the public in identifying and locating three young boys from the South Bay area of San Francisco. According to a brief article posted at the website of San Francisco TV station KRON, the boys had been photographed some time in 1997. The FBI would only say the photos had been obtained during an ongoing investigation, and that the boys might have been the victims of a crime.

The timing is certainly suspect, given Joseph Duncan's presence in the San Francisco area for parts of 1997. Cellar Dwellers have been digging around for more info/clues since this news broke last Thursday about the three photos of the young boys which were supposedly made in 1997 and are part of an ongoing FBI investigation.

Please, look at the photos of these little boys. Can you help?

Photos released by the FBI are believed to have been taken in 1997 in Northern California and were obtained as part of an ongoing FBI investigation. The child shown in Photo 3 may possibly go by the name of Josh, according to a press release. The FBI did not release any further details.Anyone having information concerning the identity or location of these boys is requested to contact the San Jose Office of the FBI at (408) 795-4320. All calls are treated confidentially, the FBI said.

Also see Steve's Dark Side blog entry from yesterday: Joseph Edward Duncan III, Filmmaker. The Real and Hideous Truth.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

"God sent an angel to save me"

I received a phone call a few hours ago from Joseph Duncan's brother. He had just received a letter from "Jet." Part of that letter, we felt, would be important to quote here because of all the discussion in the Cellar forums concerning Joseph Duncan's capture- or surrender. That part reads, verbatim:

The "light" is the truth- God's truth. I "came into the light" (faced up to the truth of what I was doing) by bringing that little girl home. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do! Compared to "facing the light"- dying will be easy!

(the bolded word "truth" is actually underlined in the letter, but I can't underline just one word in Blogger)

So, the Cellar Dwellers can once more discuss the "capture" or "surrender" (or whatever they think it was) with this added input from Joseph Duncan himself. For what it's worth.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Unsealed search warrant for Duncan's computer and files

KXLY.com is now reporting on the contents and scope of the unsealed search warrant for Joseph Duncan's computer(s) and peripherals:

Newly released court documents show convicted sex offender Joseph Duncan may have been creating and trading child pornography, while he was in Montana with the Groene children.

Be sure to watch the video. News4's Melissa Luck has much more to report on this search warrant.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Judge: Prosecutor must copy videos for defense

From the Coeur d'Alene Press:

Gibler sided with [Public Defender John Adams], ordering prosecutors to turn over copies of the video clips, but mandated they must be encrypted by the defense and kept locked in a safe in the public defender's office. Only Adams or his chief deputy, Lynn Nelson, are to have access to the material during preparation of a defense. At the conclusion of the trial and any subsequent appeals, the copies must be returned to the prosecutor's office for destruction.

Along with some interesting arguments concerning the quantity of videos and photos which law enforcement actually recovered and the quantity which the prosecution claims to have:
Adams claimed that in addition to the videos, he was questioning whether his office has received all the evidence it's entitled to. He said one police officer said there were 15 other videos. He said another told him there were "hundreds."

Adams said the withholding of other evidence and documents by the prosecution puts a restraint on his ability to defend his client. "Absent those materials, the defense is not prepared to go to trial," Adams said.

Douglas said all of the evidence -- including copies of nearly 12,000 pages of reports and documents -- has been turned over.

I do wonder about that discrepancy. The FBI knows that Duncan uploaded photos and videos from Montana. If any other videos are considered evidence in the upcoming Federal case- the kidnapping of Shasta and Dylan, and the murder of Dylan, which occured in Montana- then these two videos in question are probably the only two which Joseph Duncan made in Idaho.

So Kootenai County would not have any other videos or photos save for those which pertain to the Idaho case: the murders (and kidnappings of) Brenda and Slade Groene and Mark McKenzie. (And save for those which would show motive- the murder of these three people in order to take the children for sexual purposes.) The Feds are keeping all the others for their case. And then there is the probability of another case against Joseph Duncan for the production of child pornography.

At least I think that's where the two versus 15 videos discrepancy originates. There certainly are a lot of people in law enforcement who maintain there were many videos found. I've been told very few people actually viewed them, and then mandatory counseling for those few, as well as some paid leave because the videos are so horribly disgusting and evil.

No, I can't believe that this filthy freak only made two videos in those seven weeks. Recording his vile acts was what he lived for- what he felt was his mission.

I hope the Feds are on to the file sharing network/recipient(s) Duncan was uploading to while in Montana.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Two down

Thanks to Oprah's program from October 4th which highlighted predators like Joseph Duncan and John Couey, and several alert tipsters, two sexual predators were captured within TWO days of the program's airing!

Two Fargo-Moorhead women, recognized the Indiana-registered child molester William Carl Davis after seeing the October 4th Oprah program. They were each rewarded with $50,000.00 of Oprah's own money on yesterday's show.

Presenting a $50,000 check to each woman, Oprah says, "I am doing this for parents across America. This is the best money I ever spent."

Karie Miller, Jean Rosenthal and Oprah- Thank You!

The other gutless puke captured as a result of Oprah's program is Niles Scott, wanted in Cleveland, Ohio, and found living and working as a taxi driver in Belize City, Belize. According to www.channel5belize.com, there are three tipsters vying for the $100,000.00 Oprah reward in this instance. Yet The Reporter claims a tipster named Patricia Waight expects to claim Oprah's reward. And NewsNet5.com reports Cleveland area tipsters aided in his capture. The FBI and Belize police officials shall determine who will receive the reward, or if it will be split up between several tipsters. Thank you all!

In-Forum has the transcript from yesterday's Oprah show here, and more details, including photos from the show, can be found here.

William Carl Davis was a fugitive from Indiana, living in Fargo while using his brother's name. Niles Scott was a fugitive from Ohio with known ties to Central America, found living in Central America, under an assumed name. This underscores the need for at least a comprehensive National sex offender registry, if not a Universal one!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Families file claim against Minnesota judge

KXLY broke this story* late last night:

Spokane Attorney Russell Van Camp filed papers on behalf of the Groene and Mckenzie families claiming that Becker County Judge Thomas Schoeder, and two county prosecutors should be held partially responsible for the crimes committed in North Idaho by convicted sex offender Joseph E. Duncan.

I believe this judge and two prosecutors are only the last few links in a long chain of accountability. I recall a widely publicized case out of Boston several years back concerning Judge Maria Lopez' extremely lenient sentence -probation!- of a dangerous pedophile who forced an 11-year old boy to perform a sex act with a screwdriver held to his neck. Judge Lopez wasn't the only lenient one, either. Not by a long shot, as outlined in this article, Playing loose with pedophiles, by Katherine Prudhomme which highlights a few other lenient judges in Massachusetts.

Including Judge Walter Steele, who released Nathaniel Bar-Jonah (a.k.a. David Brown). Note: this Billings Gazette article was one of the least graphic I could find. Bar-Jonah was as disgusting and evil a child predator as Joseph Duncan. He also "encrypted" his writings about his filthy crimes, which the FBI was able to decode.

Ms. Prudhomme's article raises another question I have concerning the Becker County, MN judge's handling of Joseph Duncan:
Judges in Massachusetts give lenient sentencing when they find out the accused is willing to leave the state.
Knowing that Joseph Duncan was a resident of Fargo, ND- a short trip across the border from Detroit Lakes- did the matter of Becker County, MN resources (i.e. Money) aid the decision to let Joseph Duncan off so lightly?

This KXLY article continues,
The families hope that the outcome of this judgment will send a message to other courts throughout the country that might be handling cases involving sexual predators to be careful.

I hope so, too. Public outrage alone hasn't helped in Massachusetts. Judges there are now up against this when attempting to sentence convicted child rapists with knowledge of their prior offenses.

*Also watch the KXLY video here for additional information on this claim, and to hear what Attorney Van Camp had to say.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Sick of it!

He should have been behind bars the FIRST time! I'm so... SICK of it!
-Oprah Winfrey, barely restraining her contempt for Joseph Duncan and others of his ilk- 10/04/2005

Today's Oprah program, "Kidnapped by a Pedophile" highlighted the evil crimes Joseph Duncan "allegedly" perpetrated upon Steve Groene's family. In particular, his children.

This popular program focused on the horrifying reality of child predators, and (I hope!) drove home the importance of putting them away "the first time!" I'll admit, this is perhaps the second time in about 10 years I have watched Oprah- let alone any television show of this genre.

So while I cannot say for certain that Oprah is breaking new ground here among TV show hosts in leading a movement to put these sick freaks away forever, I can say that I was quite impressed with this program and very moved by her emphatic pleas for "us" (you, me, "we, the people") to stop thinking of these victims as other people's children, and start realizing that they are all OUR children.

Mr. Groene was Oprah's guest today, and- bless this man- I cannot imagine where he found his strength. I do believe he found at least some strength in his amazingly brave little girl, Shasta.

Oprah was visibly disturbed while recounting the details of Joseph Duncan's atrocious, disgusting crimes. And who wouldn't be disturbed, deeply affected- even wounded, by the knowledge of his capacity for evil?

Sadly, Joseph Duncan's evil crimes were not the only ones recounted in this program today. Remember Polly Klaas? Jessica Lunsford? Jeannette Tamayo, who had the courage to appear on Oprah's show? These were just three other cases highlighted on Oprah's program today- horrible, disgusting examples of what WE allow to occur, when we refuse to acknowledge and react productively to the acute danger hanging over the head of every single child in this country.

This is only happening to "some other poor child" until it happens to YOUR child.

Ayup, that seems to be the general opinion nationwide. Thankfully, with the activism of people like Mark Lunsford- loving father of Jessica Lunsford- times, they are a'changing.

Still, the "Jessica Lunsford Act" has many flaws, and may not be suitable for adoption in states other than Florida, where it was recently enacted.

I would take this opportunity to point readers in the direction of the One Strike Law movement's website. Oprah did not mention this movement, but OSL has maintained the same "One strike, and they're OUT!" view for some time now. If Oprah's program today awakened any semblance of outrage in you, the reader, at these disgusting monsters being free to molest, rape, torture, maim and kill our children- especially after having been convicted of a predatory crime against children in the past!- then hie over to Citizens for a One Strike Law now and educate yourself about their movement.

The Oprah Winfrey Show's website contains a disturbing overview of Joseph Duncan's crimes, as well as those of similar gutless pukes John Couey and David Montiel Cruz. The piece is aptly entitled America's Shame.

Also see Oprah's Child Predator Watch list.

"Sasha" explains his ties to Joseph Duncan

I have a new fan, Jerry, who thinks I should make a documentary about my experiences. I think he is right, I should, but not until I am ready I think. Jerry sounds like a really neat guy, he has a great blog (see "Sasha" entry below) that I think I understand. Keep your eyes on the air waves, Jerry, I could be famous sooner than you think, but hopefully not too soon.
-Joseph Duncan, from his Fifth Nail blog entry dated January 30, 2005

Cellar Dweller and fellow blogger Imahologram has published part of the e-mail correspondance she shared with "Sasha" of the Panda Conspiracy website. In the e-mails, Sasha explains how "Vaughn" came to contact Joseph Duncan.

He claims Joseph Duncan was "paranoid" at the first contact, initiated by Sasha's friend- someone he calls "Vaughn" but whom Joseph Duncan called "Jerry,"
Joe was paranoid, "How did you find me!?" said his first Email...
Imahologram's previous blog entry on this topic, Joseph Duncan Meets The Panda Man, is a must read for the early details about this interesting connection. Those readers not familiar with the "Panda Man" should read this above-linked blog entry first.
After Duncan’s arrest the cyber community uncovered the Panda Conspiracy site through it's reference on Duncan’s blog.

The Panda Conspiracy has not been mentioned in the general news media, the only venue in which this site is known is through bloggers, newsgroups and message boards...

Ima's been sleuthing out the details in the Cellar forum for weeks now, and watching this develop has been pretty cool. And confusing. At times, it has even been hilarious.

Check out desktopdetective.blogspot.com for Imahologram's information connecting the dots between Joseph Duncan and the Panda Conspiracy. Best to bookmark Ima's blog, as this story isn't over yet.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Duncan to blog again?

An article by Dave Turner of the Coeur d'Alene Press describes two letters from Joseph Duncan which have been put up for auction at a website called Murder Auction. One of those has sold and is no longer listed. The other is still viewable on the website, and is described and quoted in the article:

The letter is signed "Jet," the nickname Duncan used for "Joseph Edward the Third."

"P.S.," the letter continued. "Please call me 'Jet' but address letters to Joseph Duncan.

"P.P.S. can you type fast, I have a lot to blog about!" it said, followed by a smiley face.

This auction was closed on September 4, with no bids. There is an image of the letter, still available here.

I notice that this seller has quite a few letters from notorious criminals for sale, or which have been sold. Names like Richard Ramirez ("The Night Stalker"), Charles Manson, Theodore Kaczynski ("Unabomber") and other, less notorious but just-as-sick, murderers. Some of the auction images have visible zip codes on what appear to be the original mailing envelopes, and they match the five digits visible on the envelope which is claimed by the seller to have contained this purported letter from "Jet."

There is a message board associated with this auction site, and from reading the posts, it appears there are some who do this for extra income. Others post their wish list; they trade these letters, as well as paintings and other "murderabilia" like collector's cards.

I do wonder if this murderabilia seller has truly offered to blog for Duncan, or if the "support" they offered, which Duncan thanks them for, is only their vehicle for getting these notorious murderers to reply with interesting, "high dollar" product. Of course, to some of the people in that forum, blogging for a murderer would be quite a coup.

It wouldn't surprise me learn he is blogging again or will be soon. Especially after hearing about Esmie Tseng, the 16-year old girl from Kansas who was charged with first-degree murder for stabbing her mother last month. Esmie has kept up her Livejournal account from jail, with the help of a friend or friends.

I can't decide how I feel about Joseph Duncan being able to blog from prison. He claims he has "a lot to blog about!" yet how much could he, really? His lawyer stopped him from talking during inquiries into the murders of Sammiejo White and Carmen Cubias.

While I don't think the scumbag should be able to get off on any more notoriety (though a relative informs me that Duncan claims to have no knowlege of any news about himself), I do think further writings from him could help solve more crimes. Or, just raise more questions. He is known to be a skilled liar.

I do not think he should be able to profit one bit from his crimes. Dave Turner's article continues,

Kahan said since 1992 he has worked with crime victims from all over the country to keep perpetrators from profiting from their notoriety. The latest version is the sales of all kinds of killer memorabilia over the Internet.

"And somebody's making a buck off of it," he said.

Kahan said one pencil sketch of a dog allegedly drawn by Rader opened at $1 and closed after 54 bids at $179.10.

Kahan said he wants to see legislation nationwide which would allow states to seize the profits from 'murderabilia,' even from third-party dealers, with the proceeds going to the victims' families.

This is long overdue. Some other countries, notably Japan, employ a restitution-based punishment system. Not that any amount of money will ever bring these poor people back, nor erase the trauma and suffering of little Shasta. But Joseph Duncan should never see one cent from his sick crimes, and I think people who offer to support him in prison by sending him money or goods should be smited. Repeatedly.

More later...

Monday, September 26, 2005

Joseph Duncan's child porn,"snuff" films, and influential friends

The alleged crimes of Joseph E. Duncan are so foul, so unbelievingly twisted and evil, that people who hear of them are left speechless, at least for a good, long moment. Some of those people then shrug it off and go about their day; news is just news to some, after all. Yet others, those who are interested, disgusted or just plain nosy enough to have a need to know more, those people who discover even a fraction more than what is reported in mainstream media, have been caught unprepared for the wholly malevolent, atrocious reality of "Uncle Jet."

Many who fell into this latter group proffered theories involving child pornography rings when recovered evidence details relating to video cameras and computer peripherals were made public shortly after his arrest in Coeur d'Alene Idaho. The forums at Websleuths are an excellent example of this; it is one of the finer "True Crime" websites around. And Steve Huff's superb Dark Side blog delved into this as well, very early on. Much of what was written about the "child pornography" angle- at the time, only rumors and hearsay- concerning videos which Joseph Duncan made, were tentative. These rumors were often derided for their sheer sensationalism. And while I can't really fault many who did the deriding, I did strive to assess this information from an analytical bearing, and always concluded that none of the message board posts or blog entries I read concerning the rumors about Joseph Duncan's videos were made in a sensationalist manner.

Perhaps that objectivism was apparent to a few who seemingly had "insider information," because three people with no connection to each other recounted the same information to me when I contacted them. All three supplied more vivid and specific details than had been described (quite vaguely) in message board posts and blog entries- including this blog- since Dylan's remains were located in Montana. And regardless of my interpretation of their message- whatever their motivation- I am thankful for their honest and detailed accounts of the video footage in question.

I am inserting this warning before the following descriptions of some of the videos in question. The following is disgusting, vile, and probably more than most care to know. You have been warned.

  • Joseph Duncan made movies of himself sexually molesting and raping these children, starting very soon after he slaughtered their older brother, their mother and their mother's boyfriend.

  • Joseph Duncan made movies of Dylan hanging by his neck from a rope or cord, from a crossbeam in that cabin in Lolo National forest.

  • Joseph Duncan filmed the ongoing hanging of little Dylan, the video shows Duncan bringing him to the brink of death- only to lift him up to regain consciousness and let him hang once more... Duncan getting off on this scene the whole time.

  • Joseph Duncan then choreographed a scene in which he forced the traumatized Shasta to further degrade and harm her half-dead brother by making her drag him by the rope around his neck- through the campfire.

  • Joseph Duncan then murdered Dylan with a shotgun, and used his hatchet on his little body. Joseph Duncan filmed himself forcing Shasta to place her beloved brother's body parts in a campfire.

  • Later, Joseph Duncan filmed Shasta being forced to pick her brother's charred body parts out of the cooled ashes of the campfire. They were then placed in a culvert, to be washed out- or so Duncan thought- with the rain.

I can say I was sickened to hear all this early on after Duncan's apprehension, but to finally have these details confirmed by law enforcement nails it home in such a monstrous manner... We want to believe rumors are just that. In this case, the rumors flying around early on were pretty accurate. Recently, Justice Mag was able to get confirmation on these videos by multiple sources in Law Enforcement. This confirmation came as news broke that Duncan could face child pornography charges.

This revelation has made me physically ill, sad, angry and depressed. I have avoided writing about it until now, ten days later. My own little boy is 6. I was seeing Dylan when I kissed my son goodnight, while I helped him with his homework, when he played in the yard with his little sister...

Readers, this is why I concentrate this Cellar blog case on the sick monster that is Joseph Duncan, and not on the victims who suffered horribly at his hand. One can only compartmentalize so much; surely other bloggers better than I am able. I do need to let some of this frustration and anger out. I suppose living right near a firing range has its advantages.

That an entity with 46 chromosomes could do something like this. Could actually plan this and carry it out. This scrawny, nasty, scheming little scumbag. It chills my soul. What else did Joseph Duncan do between the time he rented the Jeep on April 15 in St. Paul, MN until the time he began stalking the Groene/McKenzie house in Coeur d'Alene, ID around May 13th? Missoula, MT and surrounding areas are now suspected as a "stalking" ground. But where else?

Was he also visiting and/or staying with someone who gave him moral and financial support?


Which brings me to motive: Why was Joseph Duncan making these movies? Who was he making them for? I doubt he made them for himself. He was spinning down the ol' crapper hole from the moment he decided to slaughter Slade and Brenda Groene and Mark McKenzie in order to kidnap Shasta and Dylan. I don't think for one moment that he ever expected he'd be able to hide away someplace and while away his years enjoying his filthy movies.

He was on the run- he had cut ties with local friends and close neighbors. He wrote bad checks for bail and his rent, took off on said bail, left his supposedly beloved cats to starve in his apartment, rented a vehicle in another city, another state, he went on a stalker's dream buying spree at Wal*Mart... and simply disappeared. Well, except for calling his doctor friend Richard M. Wacksman on April 15. The same day he posted the following to his blog,
"I have to carry out my orders or a lot worse than just me dying could happen."
What, exactly, were those "orders?"

His later fifthnail blog entries exposed at least a desire to go out with a bang,
"my reaction is to strike out toward the perceived source of my misery, society. My intent is to harm society as much as I can, then die."
So was the filming of these atrocities part of that affront to society, and also fulfilling an order?

Is this why he called Dr. Wacksman on July 1? Was he reporting in on his "orders?" Did he need more money? He sent a photo during this call. How touching. Only, we don't really know what the photo detailed. And even though Duncan and Shasta were spotted only about 10 hours after this phone call, in the early hours of July 2- Dr. Wacksman never told authorities about his phone call until the following WEEK! Dr. Wacksman claims he "yelled" at Duncan for running from the law, and that Duncan then hung up- cutting the call to 4 minutes. Takes all of maybe 15 seconds to yell at someone for running from the law... I wonder what was said in the remaining 3 minutes, 45 seconds?

Readers, that odor you smell is real, not a sensory manifestation. This pediatrician, former MeritCare physician and clinical professor of medicine at the University of North Dakota who swore that "Jet" was a "changed man" at his 1997 sentence review board, the same doctor who supported Joseph Duncan to the humiliation of his own family and character, was the same doctor who loaned Joseph Duncan about $6,500.00 to help defray attorney fees shortly before Duncan's April 5 court appearance for the molestation of a 6-year old boy and attempted molestation of an 8-year old boy in Detroit Lakes, MN about 9 months earlier.

If the doc honestly felt Duncan was such a "changed man," what the freakin' dilly-o did he think supported these charges from Detroit Lakes? Did he think the molestation fairy did it? Was Joseph Duncan that good in the sack (or San Francisco coffeehouse "glory hole") that one could overlook these "shortcomings?" Was it all worth it, doc? Why don't you ask your kids? Those kids whose lives you were so willing to risk by taking in the likes of sexual psychopath Joseph Duncan even when the review board was adamantly opposed to it.

Arghhh! The level of stupidity which the well-off men who were "close" to Duncan shared is uncanny. Of course, it could have been something else. Fargo businessman and "entrepreneur" Joe Crary is another friend of "Jet." He gave Duncan the $15K on April 5, after Duncan wrote a bad check to cover his bail. Duncan called Crary after posting bail, asking for (or demanding?) money to cover his bad check. As Crary tells it, he was only giving Joseph Duncan $15,000.000 as a favor. To help him out. Just like Crary claims he has done for "others." How come we haven't heard from any "others?" Maybe they're too busy skulking around back of the public restrooms and off the wooded trails in the Fargo parks to discuss it. Oh, I meant to write "bike trails." That IS what Crary called them, isn't it? Nice metaphor. Kinda like "coffeehouse" only more... rugged.

These gentlemen, while it's their right to avoid the media and hide out if they wish, don't they realize how sinister and twisted their ties to Joseph Duncan appear? Their names and connections to Duncan are all over the court documents, the media; their emotional and financial support of this dirtbag is clear. Neither one came forward on his own to 'fess up to any relationship with Joseph Duncan when this all went down- Detroit Lakes PD sussed out the Crary connection by accessing Duncan's bank records (that $15K windfall). And Fargo law enforcement tracked down Wacksman about that April 15th phone call. Not to mention his July 1 phone call, which he didn't report until the FBI was breathing down his neck. A week after the fact.

If these men are innocent of any collusion with Duncan, innocent of any support for his alleged felonies, then I think they need to make that perfectly clear. As I see it, they both have so much to answer for.

The FBI and foreign law enforcement are daily closing in on child porn purveyors and their clients. I hope that any movies Duncan was able to upload and share, if that was his intent, have been tracked. Joseph Duncan sought approval and validation from many people in his life; to the point that it became who he was. And so I do not believe that these videos he made were only for himself. Follow the money.

--Added content warning 9/27. C.F. All IP addresses and referring links are recorded.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Evidence documents

The Spokesman-Review now has the previously mentioned evidence documents on their website here in their superb ongoing coverage of the Groene investigation. They are in PDF format, under the "Documents" section in the box at the right. I have also linked them here under the Joseph Duncan Links section at right.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What did Joseph Duncan have in the rental Jeep?

According to this new information just released, the following items were seized from the stolen rental Jeep Joseph Duncan was using while on his killing spree:

  • digital and video cameras

  • laptop computer

  • binoculars

  • letters that Shasta and Dylan Groene had written to their father

  • letter from Dylan to Shasta

  • briefcase with Mark McKenzie's wallet and checkbook

  • hatchet

  • knife

  • sawed-off shotgun

Included were several state maps, among them Michigan, Kansas, Idaho and Washington. City maps of Coeur d'Alene and Post Falls were also found.

Much of this was known long ago, at least unofficially. However, the news of the Michigan and Kansas maps could be a boon to us 'net sleuthers.

This KXLY.com article offers much more information about the items recovered from the Jeep:

a GPS device, a JVC digital camera, and binoculars. Also in the SUV, they found a hatchet with red smears on the blade, latex gloves, a sawed off shotgun, two hand saws, and a police department sticker on the rear window...

And from the Groene/McKenzie home:
Winchester shotgun shell found near Brenda Groene's body; duct tape, both on a roll and wadded up; and a green-handled hunting knife covered with blood and hair, found in a shop at the Northwest corner of the home.

Investigators also collected a cut or broken white plastic zip tie. News4 has reported the family was tied up with zip ties... and a large-cell flashlight covered in mud, which was found in a child's room.

Joseph Duncan had also written a few letters which were taken from him while in Kootenai county jail:

They include a letter written on a piece of tissue paper and titled, "Dear Mom," and a piece of tissue paper with other writings, including one addressed to Shasta.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Joesph Duncan's polygraph exams

I've uploaded them to my Furl account for viewing. There are five pages in all; the earliest one is illegible, for the most part.

It is the final one, taken on March 26, 1997- the day Deborah Palmer was kidnapped and murdered- that he failed. And then he bailed.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Was Joseph Duncan trolling for victims in Missoula, MT?

The FBI has reason to believe Joseph Duncan was in Missoula, MT before he began stalking the Groene family in Coeur d'Alene Idaho.

I read this piece by Tristan Scott of the Missoulian this morning and it gave me the willies.
"FBI agents are trying to verify whether convicted sex offender Joseph Edward Duncan III was prowling Missoula neighborhoods in the weeks leading up to the kidnappings and murders of an Idaho family."

Duncan made like his old girlfriend "Casper" and essentially vanished for about one whole month prior to the murders and kidnappings in Coeur d'Alene, ID. Was he in Missoula? Well, why not? The sick freak was all over the map, and seemed to thrive on driving long distances in his search for victims, as many serial killers do.

I have a few ideas about places he may have visited in the area, based on a theory I've held about Joseph Edward Duncan, III since the Spokesman Review published his numerous Psychological and prison documents. I created a spreadsheet based on my theory, and after reading Mr. Scott's article about Missoula, simply cross-referenced "Missoula" to get a few hits from my collected data:

  • McCormick Park in Missoula (especially the west side of Orange St. bridge)
  • Clancy I-15 rest stop, just south of Helena
  • Lewis and Clark county fairgrounds in Helena, on the way to Missoula from Fargo
  • Lolo National Forest- the portion outside Missoula near Frenchtown
  • several privately-owned campgrounds I won't name in this blog
A more detailed search of my data brings up more than three dozen additional places Joseph Duncan may have visited between Fargo, ND and Coeur d'Alene, ID, based on my theory.

And then there's St. Joe National Forest, just across the border in Idaho, on the way to Coeur d'Alene. Which, we know, is also the place sex offender John Rollins Tuggle was known to have been on his recent run from the law after stabbing his 12-year old daughter and leaving her to die.

The Missoulian article continues:
"Robbins would not confirm reports that Duncan used a Global Positioning System to track potential victims.

However, it has been widely reported that Duncan kept a GPS device in his vehicle and used it to map geographical way points, keeping a database of potential victims. The system would also have tracked Duncan's own movements, showing agents what areas he may have staked out.

As the article implies, I also feel confident the FBI is using that data from Joseph Duncan's recovered GPS unit to track his movements. Naturally, I'm curious to see if my theory pans out. (I'm cautious to write about this theory on this blog, as it is a volatile subject and I don't want to inflame or denigrate certain people. But those famliar with the art of glassblowing need only refer to their early days of instruction and recollect the one part of the equipment that caused then to snicker, at least to themselves. )

I hope the FBI and local law enforcement are checking out the areas I named above, in any case. I truly hope we don't hear of any molestation incidents in and around Missoula from this time; Duncan has already ruined enough families and surviving victims' lives to earn him the big daddy of flaming, barbed spikes in Hell.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

New Forum

The new Cellar forum is ready. I know most of you Cellar Dwellers were having a difficult time with the technical problems and server outages of the old forum. I told you I would do what I could to remedy those problems.

So thanks for being patient. I hope I've solved all the issues you were having with this move. Please stop by and register at the new forum today so you can get back to posting. Don't forget to bookmark the new link!

The Cellar Forum

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Chrono Report is here

The 28-page Chrono report on Duncan is now available for viewing:

Joseph E. Duncan, III- Offender Chrono Report

An Inmate Chronological Report details the contacts, discussions and actions between the case manager(s) and the inmate/parolee. Also recorded are significant social contacts and events, disciplinary actions, and the compliance progress of the inmate/parolee.

Special thanks to JoJoFox for obtaining it!

Steve Huff has an idea

Steve asked for help spreading this around; please read it let him know your thoughts on it.

A Missed Opportunity to Stop a Monster? (Part III: Red Flags)

"The three red flags symbolize where Joseph Duncan should have somehow been "red-flagged" by authorities. The Detroit Lakes accusations, taken in combination with his status as a level III sex offender -- red flag. Seen at a park, possibly trolling for children, a police complaint is filed -- red flag. Contact lost, April 18 -- red flag.

The moment anyone, whether it was Fargo PD or Larry Bloomgaarden or whoever, realized that they didn't know where Duncan was, the moment it was understood that he may very well have absconded, why could his already-present status as a level III sex offender not have been cause for a serious and wide-ranging alert?

This is where predatoralert.blogspot.com has the right idea. I say though, that it is obviously time we took that idea a few steps further."

This is just a snip of his excellent piece on documented behavior patterns of violent Level III offenders which should have been cause for some kind of public alert, similar to the Amber Alert system.

Be sure to also visit the Predator Alert blog linked above, and in my sidebar to the right.

Update 8/21/05: Polimom also has an idea- a damn good one:

Paraphilia and the Sex Offender Registries is her recent blog entry and it meshes with Steve's idea.

"There's a fundamental flaw, however, in how these registries are designed and utilized. The "one size fits all" approach is undermining the validity and acceptance of monitoring. It is also blurring the lines between the dangerous and the merely different.

I believe we should be pursuing and supporting classification of sex offenders in relationship to paraphilia. Paraphilia are deemed “incurable”, and control requires constant effort, support, and monitoring. To me, these are the truly scary people - and there are lots of them."

Give it a read, I think she's spot on.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Deborah Palmer

Yes, another case is now requiring a closer look by "law enforcement." Oak Harbor police are investigating a possible link between Duncan and the unsolved murder of this little girl in 1997. She has been on the Cellar's Timeline Map as "possible crime #2" due to the keen eyes and minds of Cellar Dwellers like Scubagirl and JoJoFox.

On Saturday, August 13th, the Whidbey News-Times first ran this story in their print edition. It appeared on their website on the 16th: Child killer studied for link to Palmer by Jessie Stensland.

Scubagirl did a fantastic job organizing the details and providing a timeline to the Oak Harbor police. Friday, August 5th, Scubagirl sent her detailed timeline e-mails to the Oak Harbor police and the Whidbey News-Times:

"Admundson recently sent an e-mail message to the Oak Harbor police noting the similarities between Palmer’s mysterious disappearance and murder and the child-murder cases Duncan has been tied to.

She even provided a timeline that puts Duncan in Seattle on March 26, 1997, the day Palmer disappeared on her way to Oak Harbor Elementary School. Five days later, a beach walker found her body washed up at Strawberry Point in North Whidbey.

Admundson knows that Duncan had a polygraph test in Seattle the day Palmer disappeared. If the bloggers or authorities can figure out what time of day the test was given, they can rule him in or out. "

Deborah was 7 years old when she disappeared on her way to Oak Harbor Elementary School around 8:35 a.m. on March 26, 1997. She only lived a couple blocks from the school, and was walking alone.

Her mother discovered she was missing after lunchtime, when she had brought Deborah's lunch to school and then went shopping. When she returned from shopping, an answering machine message from the school informed her that they couldn't give Deborah her lunch because Deborah was not in school.

Immediately a search was launched, complete with police, bloodhounds, volunteers and the Seattle media. The FBI entered the case on the 28th- even with a lack of evidence of an abduction across state lines- because Deborah was under the age of 8. Nothing was found until four days later, when a citizen found her backpack and jacket off Sleeper and Taylor Roads in a "small and somewhat obscure" gravel pit.

On Monday, March 31, shorthly before noon, her body was found washed up on a beach at Strawberry Point, east of Oak Harbor, by a retired fisherman who often walked the beach. Her body was partially-clothed in what this man said appeared to be walking shorts. The coroner ruled her death a homicide by asphyxiation, and although there was no evidence of a sexual assault, the crime was being investigated as a "sexually-motivated homicide." The coroner also said that she was killed the day she disappeared, or very soon after.

Leads poured in but nothing concrete: a stranger seen in the area, a vehicle driving erratically. Deborah's father and her mother's boyfriend were checked out, but were either in prison or jail when she disappeared. Residents were horrified that this could happen in their town, with no one seeing anything, there were reportedly many cars driving by the school at time of the morning... yet nothing. Was it a neighbor, someone they knew? Or was it a stranger without ties to the area? Like the stranger taking a road trip who showed up in Beaumont, CA asking a group of children to help him find his lost cat.

Earlier than Scubagirl's definitive August 5th e-mail to Oak Harbor police, several tips were e-mailed or phoned in to authorities in mid-July, concerning Duncan's involvement with the Deborah Palmer case. I know, as I was one of the "tipsters." Once I and the other tipsters got together and exchanged information, we found that we had all been met with an "OK, thanks. Aluminum foil is on sale this week at your supermarket, and be aware that the black helicopters are now blue" type of response. If we got any response at all. I wonder if this was because they knew of Duncan's polygraph appointment on March 26th, about 85 miles away in Seattle. But what time was that appointment, and where in Seattle?

I think Duncan was good at setting up alibis. Not a few people who read his blog pondered the handful of extremely detailed blog entries that cropped up from time to time- wondering why, exactly, he was so precise in detailing his whereabouts on these days. These entries stand out from the rest to my eye. The copius notes, receipts, lists, people and places and times... They read like crafted alibis.

And what better alibi than a polygraph appointment? Looking at a Mapblast driving route from Seattle (general) to the location of Oak Harbor Elementary School, it's only about an hour and a half drive. If Duncan's polygraph appointment was late morning or in the afternoon, he could have kidnapped and murdered Deborah and disposed of her body, and still made his appointment. (and was he late for that appointment?) Recall that he did fail that polygraph exam- concerning his "interaction with children."

The day Deborah's body was found was also the day Duncan high-tailed it out of town. On his way to Beaumont, CA, where five days later Anthony Martinez was kidnapped, sexually assaulted, tortured and murdered by Duncan. His body was recovered 15 days later on a road leading to Joshua Tree National Park outside Indio, CA.

In the Cellar Forum discussion thread, JoJoFox pointed out Deception Pass State Park on Skagit Bay. We know Duncan has killed in and around wooded, secluded state and national parks. Deception Pass is a huge park, with the state land parcels distributed over several areas of the islands. I saw that a portion of the State Park is also about a mile from where her backpack and jacket were found- literally a straight shot up E. Sleeper Road from the intersection with Taylor Road and the gravel pit. Her belongings could have been tossed into this area on the ride out of the park toward Rte. 20, which leads off the island. Back to Seattle.

JoJoFox thought Deborah's body could have been put in the waters off the State Park and the currents brought her to rest on the beach at Strawberry Point. I absolutely agree with that. If her body was put in the water from the portion of Deception Pass State Park off E. Sleeper Road, it's only about 5 miles to the beach where she washed up. JoJoFox's research on the tides in that area also showed they are strong, and flow north to south, the direction from the State Park to the beach where Deborah's body was found.

Here is a satellite image from Google Earth looking south from the Deception Pass State Park shoreline to the Strawberry Point beach area where Deborah's body was found five days after she disappeared:

The yellow path I added is the approximate route Deborah's body would have taken had it been put in the water at the State Park.

Until we know the time Duncan was taking his polygraph examination in Seattle- and if he was late for it- he looks good for this one to me. And apparently looks good to the Oak Harbor police, too:

Oak Harbor Police Capt. Rick Wallace said detectives have been in contact with the FBI and Idaho police to see if it’s possible that Duncan could be Palmer’s killer.

“Anyone with an unsolved child murder case would be derelict, I think, in not contacting the FBI” about Duncan, Wallace said.

“We are going to jump all over it and see that comes of it,” he added.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Duncan "telling stories" no longer

Short of confessing, Duncan apparently retold enough details about the murders of Sammiejo White and Carmen Cubias for an official to claim, "We think he's good for it." The Spokesman-Review article is here.

But now Duncan's clammed up and his lawyer wants him left alone. "The lawyer for sexual predator Joseph Edward Duncan III wants law enforcement officers to stop asking his client if he is involved in the slayings of children elsewhere." Read this AP story from yesterday.